Eton is fortunate to be one of the best-equipped schools in the world, and many of its extensive facilities are made available to the students of the Rowing Courses. The rowing facilities, in particular, are second to none, with three boathouses adjacent to the River Thames, and the international standard 8-lane course (complete with world class boathouse) at Dorney Lake. Rowing is today a hugely popular sport at Eton, and the College's Boat Club has a larger membership and fleet of boats than any other boat club in the world.

The majority of facilities used on the Rowing Courses are accessible on foot from within Eton itself, with the main exception of Dorney Lake, which is reached in 10 minutes by minibus.

The development and construction of Dorney Lake was a project entirely funded and managed by Eton College. It meets regional, national and international needs with particular emphasis on youth and training, as well as the school's own rowing needs. The finished project consists of a 2,000 metre rowing and canoeing course, a boathouse, a park and arboretum, and a nature conservation area. The first real test for the Lake was passed in the summer of 2006, with the successful hosting of the World Rowing Championships, and it hosted the very successful London Olympic Games in 2012. The Lake has been actively used by the Rowing Courses since 2000, providing as it does a safe, still-water training facility for rowers and scullers of all abilities.


 The boats to be used on the Rowing Courses are all generously provided by Eton College Boat Club, from a total fleet of more than 400, almost all of which are built to the highest standard by Eton Racing Boats. The Rowing Courses' fleet includes the following:


Sculling Boats

- Single sculls

- Double sculls (coxed and coxless)

- Quad sculls (coxed and coxless)

- Pairs (coxed and coxless)

- Fours (coxed and coxless)

- Eights



- Dragon Boats

- Concept II rowing ergometers


The Rowing Courses operate on a fully residential basis, so all participants are housed in two of Eton's boarding houses, (one for boys and one for girls) using individual rooms normally occupied during term time by Eton College boys. A House Supervisor and several other members of Rowing Course staff are also resident in each house to ensure that the correct ratio of staff to students can be maintained at all times. The houses are very well equipped with bathroom facilities on each floor and the use of a ground floor common room for TV & video, table tennis and snooker etc. Snacks are also served in the houses after the evening outings.


Three main meals (breakfast, lunch and supper) are provided every day in the College's main Dining Hall (called Bekynton). Bekynton is a short walk from both the boys and girls houses. A wide variety of food is on offer to accommodate all tastes, and the three main meals are supplemented by healthy snacks served at the Boathouses between the morning outings, and by a "tuck shop" that is open every evening in the Social Room.


The School's many other facilities are also within walking distance, and are made available to Rowing Course participants free of charge. Examples include Eton’s indoor pool, tennis courts, and squash courts.

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