Alongside the fully paid scholarships provided by Eton College and the National Schools Regatta, Eton College has funds available for state school students with particular need. Bursaries of more than 25% are not usually awarded to any one student, but if you’re means are such that you would not be able to attend a course without more help than this, please do still apply as larger bursaries may still be available. Forms can be downloaded from our website or obtained from the administrator and must be returned within 7 days of sending the application form. All details given are in confidence.




  1. All fees stated are payable in pounds sterling.
  2. Vegetarian and special dietary needs can usually be met. Please include details with your application.
  3. Eton Rowing Courses reserves the right to alter the features of its courses, including venues and facilities.
  4. Eton Rowing Courses reserves the right to refuse an application without stating a reason.
  5. In the event of cancellation by the applicant, a refund will be allowed as follows: 75% (one month before course start date), (50%) (two weeks before the start of the course), Nil (seven days before the start of the course) and Nil once the course has started.
  6. Eton Rowing Courses will endeavour to advise at the earliest opportunity should we be forced to cancel the course(s) for any reason.
  7. Any refund is at the discretion of Eton Rowing Courses, but Eton Rowing Courses cannot take responsibility for other costs incurred by applicants.
  8. All Scholarship and Bursary places are for pupils attending UK state schools only.

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